Summer & Winter Sports Illustration Series

Sports and recreation billboard art.

Retro Style Sports Billboard Illustrations
Over several years I produced a number of sports and recreation illustrations in a vintage retro style. I was inspired by the airbrush work of Doug Johnson. His use of his own invented visual language of shapes and forms allowed the Canadian illustrator to re-imagine many iconic subjects in a fresh new way. 
Although influenced by the Art Deco styles of the mid 20th Century, Johnson's work from the 1980s had a playful quality that went beyond realistic rendering. My own work has been heavily influnced by this basic concept of transforming the subject of an illustration into an interesting decorative motif.
Winter Olympics
This Olympic skiier illustration was created for Chevrolet's sponsorship of the games. The curving lines and sharp edges are part of a visual vocabulary of shapes I used for several sporst projects
Waterpark Billboard Illustration
This image was created for a regional theme park. It appeared on billboards and was a successful project for me in terms of establishing my reputation and ability to produce effective advertising art.
Splashing water is always fun to illustrate. A huge tube of water is even better. This subject was a perfect subject for stylized shapes. The challenge was to make the water look massive but transparent. The splash around the boy had to be particularly inventive in terms of wrapping the water around his body.
Full Billboard illustration.
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