STAR WARS POSTER: Anakin & Padme on Naboo

ANAKIN & PADME ON ALDERAAN is a digitally painted poster illustration.

I am starting a series of Star Wars posters in two styles. This illustration set explores a painterly approach that creates the look of a classical oil painting. My goal is to develop a rich traditional looking painted style with a loose feeling and energetic quality.
I finished up this illustration as the first in a Star Wrs series. I wanted to explore a painterly look with this subject matter in the same style as my Harry Potter series. I have three more poster montage designs designed but likely switch to a more graphic style for these next illustrations.

The scene with Anakin standing in silhouette was the inspiration for this painting. I wanted to capture that morning light on Alderaan with its warm lush quality and contrast it with the deep blue tones of the scenes from the night before. The cinematography for this sequence was wonderful in suggesting the warm look of an oil painting. 
Padme, formerly Queen Amidala, is painted here as she appears in the The Attack of the Clones on Naboo with Anakin during a brief holiday from danger. The light in this morning scene was extraordinary. This portrait was done as a study for the larger illustration of Anakin and Padme.
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