STAR WARS Han Solo Portrait

This portrait and poster montage of Han Solo from Star Wars is created in Adobe Illustrator.

Han Solo Portrait
I created this portrait of Han Solo as part of a an ongoing series of Star Wars illustrations. My goal is to create a portfolio of Star Wars characters rendered in a distinct personal style that will generate interest from licensed distributors of franchise art. This project involved creating a Portrait and a Poster montage depicting Han Solo as the mischevious "bad boy" that Lucas envisioned. I subscribe to the school of thought that says Solo shot first in his confrontation with Greedo. 
Princess Leia Portrait
This is a companion work to the Han Solo portrait and is a study for a larger poster featuring Princess Leia on Tatooine. 
Detail of princess Leia
Full poster of Han Solo
Han Solo Poster Design
The poster design was a greater challenge than the portrait. I chose an orange blue complimentary color scheme balanced with grey tones to depict the hot and cold aspects of his personality. I always like the bar scene where Solo casually engages Greedo in conversation while secretly aiming his blaster under the table. A great character.
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