These paintings are a mix of recent personal and commissioned portraits.

I have been working on a series of personal and commissioned portraits since 2014. These paintings are meant to expand my range as an artist and open up new possibilities for illustration and fine art commissions.
Amelia in the Japanese Garden
This painting just completed shows my eldest daughter Amelia in the the Japanese Garden at Cranbrook. The scene was meant to suggest a magical world. I was thinking of some of Leonardo da Vinci's portraits when I composed this scene. The indirect light on her face seemed to flatten her skin tones in the manner of James McNeill Whistler's work.
Painted Portrait of Jessica Glazier at Laughing Fish Waterfall
This painting is more moody. I always try to capture images my family when they are not looking at the camera or are not paying full attention. The expression is so much more interesting as with Jessica here, who had just posed for her Mom while climbing the trail to Laughing Fish Waterfall in Michigan's UP.
Commission: Painted Dog Portrait
I just finished this commission. My first animal portrait. Its interesting to see the before and after. This little guy passed away recently and the art is to be a surprise for the client's mother.
Portrait: Jessica in the Forest Glen
This is a painting I just completed of my younger daughter Jessica Glazier. Now that I have completed complimentary portraits of my daughters, I am moving on with more personal paintings of family and friends. These projects give me a chance to refine my skills. I am particularly working on improving flesh tones and creating the background space from scratch as I did on this painting.
My first painted portrait of Louise.
This painting is based on an image taken at Munising Falls in the Upper Peninsula last year. The falls are just out of sight behind the dappled light coming through the balsam firs behind her.
Commission: Painted Portrait of Cheryl, Tommy, and Wesley Smith
I just completed this family portrait for Brian Smith. This was an interesting challenge to bring three figures together from separate photographs. I did a preliminary drawing for composition. The final size was 24" x 30."
Portrait Painting of My Nephew John Werner
Just finished a portrait of my nephew this morning. This painting was developed from an old photo. He is in college now, but I have always wanted to make a painting from this particular image. His expression is so interesting.
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