PAM'S GIFT Children's Illustration Book

The illustrations for were created for Pam's Gift, a picture book for young children. The art is inspired by the road signs and the weathered outdoor art of Africa.

Pam's Gift Children's Picture BookThis a detail of an illustration from Pam' Gift. The project was a children's picture book based on the style of African outdoor posters and billboard art. I used a variety of found textures like weathered wood, rusting painted metal, and parchment paper to create a rich visual landscape for each scene.
Closing spread illustration for Pam' Gift. Each scene contained a very simple one sentence story element. The book was reproduced in a large 14x24 inch format.
Sketch for closing spread illustration from Pam' Gift.
Sketch for spread illustration from Pam' Gift.
Detail of illustration from Pam's Gift.
Detail of illustration from Pam's Gift.
Lion growing up.
Lion finding a mate
This was the fourth children's book I have illustrated. I have rendered cover illustrations for over twenty books over the years.
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