Logo Projects: Jeep Wrangler and Quaile Ale

These are two logo branding concepts I developed in vintage style.

This is an illustrated logo for Jeep Wrangler created in 2012 for a special program. I was commissioned to create a digital woodcut style from the art director's design.
This fun project included two separate illustrations in an etching/woodcut influenced style. The wrangler product had to be featured as an iconic mountain symbol along with a mountain climber, eagle, mountain goat, and monk.
This is a Logo and Branding concept I developed for a fictional microbrewery called Quaile Ale. The idea was to create a vintage style label featuring an illustrated element that could be adapted to multiple uses. The first step involved creating a badge logo that would appear on the bottle.
The type was treated as a stand alone element with the quaile added to create an intermediat variation of the full logo.
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