John Hopkins Magazine Illustrations

These photo montage style illustrations were created for John Hopkins magazine. They are a mixture of photo manipulation, CGI, and Photoshop illustration.

I have been producing illustrations for John Hopkins Magazine over the last three years. This photo montage was a spread illustration in 2012 for an article on doctor's exercising as part of their daily routine. 
This sketch was created as a guide for composition. The client requested the scene be flopped for the final illustration.
The client also wanted a second illustration in a very different style. They selected my Jim Morrison portrait below as an example of the desired look for this spot on an later page for the article.
I create a drawing for the project that captures the essence of the style while showing the basic design and distribution of light and dark tones.
"For Your Convenience"
2010 spot illustration
2010 spot illustration
"Returning Home"
2010 spot illustration
2010 spot illustration

"Your Stay"
2010 spot illustration
This was a more recent fun and unusual project from 2011 that involved creating a realistic looking cross stitch illustration. John Hopkins Magazine was running an article on at home patient care that needed a visual depiction of the major aspects of home support care provided through its clinics.
I developed the cross stitch illustration by loosely re-creating the reference images above in a weave. Several individual cross stitches had to be developed to show a level of variety that would be convincing. I used several sources as inspiration for creating the right patterns and added a cast shadow in "layer effects" to give the surface a raised appearance.
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