HARRY POTTER Portrait Montage

A Harry Potter poster illustration created as a personal portrait painting project.

I finished up a larger Harry Potter montage featuring Daniel Radcliffe as the main figure. This one was fun to paint. I switched to full color after doing the black white studies and I think the practice in gray tones paid off. The look of this montage is meant to be painterly. After years of illustrating in more graphic or realistic styles I have been shifting to a looser more intuitive approach to my art. I plan to get more involved in portrait work both digital and traditional.
Montage in Warm Tones
Originally, this painting was created in warm tones, but I decided to try shifting the background to cool blues and violets. Both versions work, but the cool version seems to focus more attention on the figures. It also better matches the mood of the films which often fetature cool blue light in the night scenes.
Detail of Harry Potter in warm tones
Detail of Dumbledore
Detail of Ron and Hermione
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