Grand Parade Illustration Series

This was a series of illustrations created for a website feraturing travel destinations in London England.

I completed a set of illustrations for Grand Parade in 2010. The buildings were rendered as separate images for placement on the digital creative agency's website and depict travel destinations in London. This was a fun project with a differnt look for me. The client was inspred by the look of the designer Siggy Eggertson and my own graphic illustration and wanted a hybrid of the two styles.
Below is a screenshot of the web page showing the layout and how the illustrations were used.
I was asked to do three portraits of the company principals. The illustrations are geomtric interpretations of the patterns of light and shodow on their faces and cloths.
Client headquarters
The Millenium Wheel
The "Shard" Building
The "Gerkin" Building
The Post Office Tower
City Hall Buildings
Tower Bridge
Sketch for the Post Office Tower
Sketch for Tower Bridge
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