Gestural Paintings: Studies in Paint and Chrome

I created these automotive illustrations to explore a gestural style of painting. They feature chrome details of America classic cars.

Gestural Painting/Manipulation: 1957 Buick Century 63

This is what happens when you get out of control with the smudge tool in Photoshop! Sometimes it results in an uncontrolled mess, but then, sometimes it works. I have been looking at ways to develop these interesting detail shots of cars into full fledged paintings and this technique holds some potential.
Gestural Painting: 1956 Buick Century Riviera Sedan

I have been looking at Peter Max's work this week as part of the design class I am teaching at Ai this summer. It got me thinking in terms of loosening up and having some fun with some 1950s car chrome details. 

This is probably the closest I have come to realizing what I saw in my mind's eye when I started photographing cars 6 years ago. My real intent has always been to turn these images into expressionist works that build off the unique design details of the subject while becoming satisfying paintings in their own right. It means letting go of the "timid me" and taking the leap into something more daring.
Gestural Painting: 1956 Buick Century Riviera Sedan Rear View
I created this painting as a follow up to the the context in which the emblem appears on the Buick Century. This is a great car design for painting with its curvy chrome and two tone paint scheme.
1953 Buick Super convertible
This trunk emblem from the Buick Roadster always fascinated me. I will likely create several versions of this subject in different interpretations.

1930 Dodge DC-8 Roadster Hood Ornament and Badge

I was about to start painting this Dodge hood ornament when I noticed what appeared to be the Star of David on the badge insignia. Some online research revealed that no one really knows what the star's intended meaning was since nobody actually asked the Dodge brothers before they passed away. 

Speculation is that the two interlocking Greek deltas stand for the Dodge brothers who were close partners or it that it was based on the design of law enforcement badges. Horace Dodge liked to go on runs with local law enforcement officers at the time.
1934 Buick Model 37 Hood Ornament

I painted this from a photo taken Sunday at the Plymouth Concourse d' Elegance. There was originally a golf cart and random people in the background. I was definitely thinking of doing this painting when I took the shot.
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