Gail Halvorsen Illustration

A hybrid traditional and digital illustration tutorial.

An Illustration Developed Using two Different Techniques
This is an illustration concept developed for a tutorial in my Concept Illustration course. The subject is Gail Halvorsen, a noted American airman who became famous for dropping candy from American bombers in the years right after WWII. Later known as the "Candy Bomber," Halvorsen got the idea from children he encountered across Africa and Europe. They always asked American servicemen for candy and thus a great idea was born. A monument was built in Germany to commemorate his efforts. He quietly launched his plan for dropping candy packs with parachutes during cargo missions in Germany in 1947 and became an overnight celebrity.
VERSION 1: Vector with watercolor texture
I produced two versions of this illustration to demonstrate how the same style can be rendered in different techniques. This first version was created in Illustrator using only flat colors. A watercolor texture was imported and set to Overlay.
VERSION 2: Inked Line with watercolor texture
The second versions of this illustration was created in ink line using a fine tip permanent marker, scanned and created as a layer in Photoshop. Watercolor textures were imported and set on various layers to create the light color tones. The vector version was placed as a layer under these textures.
Step 1: The initial sketch
Step 2: Blocking in the base colors in the Vector art.
Step 3: Adding the candy and the silhouette of Gail Halvorsen.
Step 4: Creating the silhouette of Gail Halvorsen
Step 5: Creating the silhouette of Gail Halvorsen and overlapping the image of a wrapped candy.
Step 6: Finishing Version 1. I created the individual wrapped candy and added the watercolor texture to portions of the sky and the plane.
Step 7: The inked line art created with a Micron permanent marker pen.
Step 8: Importing the inked line art and adjusting the watercolor layers.
Step 9: Adding subtle tones and manipulating the watercolor layers to create the contrasting violet and yellow amber hues.
Step 10: Viewing the art with line layer turned off and bringing everything together.
Version 2: The final result.
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