Caricatures of Legendary Entertainers

I am starting a new series of caricatures having fun doing famous some famous people. These are both portraits and cartoons that carry a subtle undertone of humor and meaning.

Caricatures of Legendary American Entertainers
A Fresh Take on the Art of the Portrait

I am starting a new series of caricatures having fun doing famous some famous people.
Jackie Gleason "The Great One"

I am doing some black and white caricatures of stars from the 40s and 50s. Jackie Gleason was the easiest subject yet. He was a walking caricature with wonderful and weird dimensions to his body and face.
Elvis Presley

Buddy Holly

"Spielberg on Spielberg"

John Wayne

Followed up with another caricature. The Duke was a natural subject. This likeness shows him young as he looked in his earlier movies. The background has an atomic cloud as a reference to his shooting films in the area where they tested early weapons and the patriotic symbol of an American flag flying from his hand. This is a bit of a summation of his life in the most simple form I could manage.
Martin Scorsese

This is an irreverent take on Scorsese, one my favorite directors. He has such a gentle and recognizable face and happens to be a great film maker. I have been re-introducing textures with these portraits in the form of custom papers. The illustration begins with a set of thumbnail sketches that develop the likeness and the desired attitude and degree of distortion.
It took three small thumbnail sketches to get the approach I wanted for Martin Scorcese. His face is so engaging that it was hard to select the degree of distortion that would be optimal for creating the right expression. The little curve to his body was the first image that came into my mind. The rest of the stylistic shapes followed from this key idea.
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