Agent 47: Hitman Illustrations

These illustrations were created for "Hitman Absolution" as part of a promotional campaign that involved many artists in different styles.

In October and November of 2012 I created a T-Shirt illustration and a full page illustration for a collectable book featuring over 30 artists.The works were commisioned by the New Science Agency for the Hitman Game series. I was asked to portray Agent 47 in the graphic new style I have developed over the last year.
Initial full color version rendered as vector.
Version two was created in response to a request to minimize the colors used in order to facilitate printing on fabric.
Version three was created using an evem more restricted color palette following the actual PMS colors designated for portraying the game character.
This illustration for the collectable book was based on the Sunlight scene where a wall is shot out under heavy fire. Again, I was asked to give the image my own distinct look and feel so I treated the details of the action scene as graphic design elements. The bursts of bullets hitting the wall were particularly fun to create.
Concept sketch one for the book illustration.
Concept sketch number two showed more side view and action.
Concept sketch number three was the most successful in combining action with strong design elements.
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